TechRate Security Audit

Techrate has Audited our platform and has given a green signal to our project for smart contract and security. Download Audit Report

Decentralized Electricity is the future.


JOL Token key features

Safe & Secure
High TPS
Easy Payment
Smart Contracts
Money for Electricity
What is Joule Finance

A Platform where you can Sell Electricity to your neighbours and Earn JOL tokens

Joule Finance is a Platform trying to change the fundamentals of electricity supply and usage. We are trying to shift the world from Centralized Electricity to Decentralized Electricity.

Decentralized Electricity is the future.


JOL Security Audits

TechRate Audit (Completed)
Certik Audit (Soon)
Joule Finance

Our Mission

Energy markets are changing fast. Joule finance is giving people the freedom of selling electricity from Renewable sources and earn JOL Tokens.

You can sell energy to your neighbours, giving everyone maximum utilization opportunity of their energy.

Sell Electricity and Earn JOL tokens.


Token Sale

Token Pre-selling is a practice performed by some crypto projects ahead of an initial coin offering, in which tokens are sold to interested parties at a certain price.


15 June 2021

JOL Tokens
1,000,000 JOL

20,000 people


15 June 2021

Limited Supply
0.01 BNB for 50,000,000

JOL Presale

1st Internal Testing

5 July 2021

50 Households

Execute Practical Testing with 50 Households in Tianjin.

Token Distribution

Total Tokens : 500,000,000,000,000 JOL

Total AirDrop : 20,000,000,000 JOL

Total Tokens Burn : 400,000,000,000,000 JOL


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Airdrop finished, Buy Presale

Buy Token

Minimum buy : 0.01 BNB - 50,000,000 JOL

Maximum buy : 10 BNB - 50,000,000,000 JOL

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Buy Token

Token Listing Price: $0.00001 = 1 JOL

Refer and Earn

Refer and Get 50% of all Claim and 100% of all Buy ! You must have JOL Coins on your BEP20 Address

Joule Finance Roadmap

A small look into what we will do in 2021

Internal Testing of Beta Joule App and Wallet

Tested Dashboard, Supply Graphs, Connection with IOT meter, Solar Compatibility.


Total Airdrop of 20,000,000,000 JOL

Pre Sale
(On going)

20% of the total supply will be open for sale for very early Traders.

10% Token Burn

10% of the max supply will be burned.

10% Token Burn

10% of the max supply will be burned.

Joule App testing for Internal team at Tianjin

Joule App will be Tested by internal team for the event at 5 July.

60% Token Burn

60% of the max supply will be burned just before a day of Final Presale.

Token Audit

Token Audit will be done to check and ensure security

Launch of JOL in Pancake swap

Token will launch in pancake swap and multiple exchanges.

Final Internal Testing

Joule Will be tested on 50 Households in Tianjin for a span of 10 days.
Main Focus: Integration with grid, Integration with Joule App, Solar Integration, minimizing Transaction fee

Smart Contract Launch

Smart Contract will be launched.

App Launch

App that will be connected with meter that will be an exchange for energy and JOL token


Integration with around 5-10 Energy Firms for testing purpose

Mainnet beta

Integration with around 1000+ Households for testing purpose

Got Some Extra Energy ?

Sell and Earn Joule

Start selling your energy and earn JOL

Enter Energy Type below

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Apply for JOL meter

* Our Team will contact you soon for verification and guidance

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Ask Anything

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some Frequent Questions.
If you have something new, feel free to leave it in our community channels

What is Joule Finance? . .
Joule Finance is Project in which people can sell their personal electricity generated from solar panels, Windmills, etc and earn JOL Tokens
Why Joule Finance? .
The electricity you are getting from big companies are insanely cheap. They are filling up their pockets bacause there is no other option left for general pubic. Through Joule Finance we are tring to decentralize electricity. People do not need to take electricity from a single source.
What is expected Listing Price?
Expected Listing Price: $0.00001 for 1 JOL Token
Where Can i buy JOL?
Purchase is only available direct from the official website before 5 July
When is it expected to launch in pancakeswap?
5 July 2021 and will be launched in many more exchanges too :)
How can i work with Joule?
We would require few smart app developers, IOT experts, Power Engineers. As soon as the launch of internal test completes (5 July) we will start the hiring process .

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